What hurts a marriage

23 Jun

I would like to quote an article I found at  I found the article very fitting and I agree with the author 99.99% (LOL).

The article says:

There are numerous articles written about what things can benefit a marriage and how to improve your marriage.  But sometimes it is helpful to be reminded of the attitudes and behaviors that can hurt a marriage.  If we can recognize the things that we are doing that are harming our marriage, then we can work on them.  Eliminating the bad things can at times be more helpful than adding good things.

Here are 10 of the most common things that couples do that can hurt their marriage.

1.  Talking badly about your spouse

2.  Repeating the same behaviours

3.  Talking at your spouse

4.  Not listening

5.  Not saying please and thank you

6.  Don’t say I’m sorry

7.  Being late

8.  Jumping to conclusions

9.  Playing the victim

10.  Spending excessively.

Do you feel guilty you have some of these?  You will know which of mine that led me to write this blog.

You will know soon.


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