Love and control

03 Jul

Loving me doesn't give you the right to control me

” Loving me doesn’t give you the right to control me.”

How far would you allow your partner to have control over your life?

Should there be love and pain, always?

Is it love if you are hurting someone? Will you still love if you are that someone?

Marriage is not a ticket to gain control over your partner’s life.

These are just a few thoughts that come to my mind about love and control.

Violence is most likely to happen when you let someone try to control you.  It is a sad thing you see it happening everywhere – in schools, on the street, movie and TV shows, even in workplaces, government – and my own home.

I had been told that I am partly to blame because I tolerated.  I pampered him; gave in to his wishes.  I let him control my life.  I let him abuse me. I let him because I love him.

But not anymore.  I now love myself more. I can’t allow tears to flow all the time. I have to love life.

Love myself and control my own life.

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